Livingstone speaks out against ‘breathtaking scale’ of cuts

Written By: Keith Richmond
Published: September 3, 2010 Last modified: September 3, 2010

Ken Livingstone has launched a coruscating attack on the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government – and the Boris Johnson administration at City Hall – for the savage cuts they are imposing on people living in London.

Mr Livingstone, who is running against Oona King, Seton During and Emmanuel Okoro to become Labour candidate for Mayor of London in 2012, said: “The scale of the government’s cuts is truly breathtaking. London stands to lose £45 billion – that’s £5,625 for every Londoner. These cuts go far beyond Margaret Thatcher’s wildest dreams and threaten to inflict poverty and division on an unimaginable scale.

“It is vital that Labour’s candidate for Mayor sets out a progressive alternative to these cuts and does not accept the Tories’ agenda.

“We need a candidate who can stand up to Boris Johnson and David Cameron because Boris Johnson fought tooth and nail to get the Conservatives into Downing Street. The government’s cuts are his cuts.”

He added: “Thanks to Boris and Cameron, in London 126,000 children will miss out on the Child Trust Fund, 140,000 mothers-to-be will lose their Health in Pregnancy grant and thousands of young Londoners will lose much needed help and support to find work now that the Future Jobs Fund has been axed.

“I will stand up for Londoners and defend the investment that delivers vital public services – from Sure Start centres to Safer Neighbourhood police teams.”