Russian stance hardens over Nato’s military intervention

Written By: Marcus Papadopoulos
Published: April 4, 2011 Last modified: April 4, 2011

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said: “We believe that the coalition’s intervention in the civil war [in Libya] has not, essentially, been sanctioned by the UN Security Council resolution.”

Following the decision by the British government not to invite Russia to an international conference in London on Libya – whose participants, including the United States and other Western powers, reaffirmed support for Nato’s military action in the North African country – Russian intransigence increased when the Kremlin’s top diplomat said that the conference should “start a probe into alleged civilian casualties caused by Nato bombings in Libya”.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has argued that military intervention by the US in the internal affairs of sovereign countries has now become a “stable trend” in Washington’s foreign policy – and is carried out “under the pretext of protecting civilians.”

2 replies to “Russian stance hardens over Nato’s military intervention

  1. What intransigence? The only intransigence I see is on the part of America and its so-called allies. An intransigence powered by greed and driven by the ego of the bully, secured in the knowledge that it can ride roughshod over the meek and weak.

    Russia is all the help we may yet need to oust a global tyrant; it’s not about intransigence but doing the right thing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Russia at long last wakes up to the truth. The inclusion of those despotic Middle Eastern nations like the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait among others aspiring for democracy should have alerted them to what was afoot. They were keen on democracy in Libya, but not in their own nations. Amr Mousa is allegedly aspiring to be next dictator in Egypt.
    O’Bama and Sarkozy show off their machismo ahead of the next election for which they are both already electioneering. Cameron has too many problems at home and needs a distraction.

    China, India, and Brazil should take heed.

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