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The Union Card – Len McCluskey

Published: March 4, 2016
Written by Len McCluskey

Jeremy Corbyn’s election, winning with a mandate which dwarfed anything previously given to any other leader of a British political party in a generation or more, will, I believe, be …

Ireland Eye – John Coulter

Published: March 4, 2016
Written by John Coulter

The recent Dail general election in the year Irish republicans commemorate the centenary of the failed Easter Rising has marked a fundamental political realignment in the Irish Republic.

John Street’s Diary March 4

Published: March 4, 2016
Written by John Street

The Trade Union Bill, currently in its Lords committee stage, has seen Tory peers freely exposing their sometime laughable ignorance.

As I Please – Martin Rowson

Published: February 21, 2016
Written by Martin Rowson

As I’m writing this on my 57th birthday, I’ve thrown away my initial plans for this column – the kind of sober and sombre disquisition and interrogation of matters of …

Undercurrents – Joy Johnson

Published: February 19, 2016
Written by Joy Johnson

David Cameron has been touring ­European cities negotiating for a so-called reformed European Union – and doesn’t it make you feel shame?

Letter from America – Ian Williams

Published: February 19, 2016
Written by Ian Williams

Comparisons of British and American politics often throw up superficial similarity. Nonetheless, the primary polling in the United States and Labour Party results in the United Kingdom do show some …

Agenda Setting – Chris Williamson

Published: February 19, 2016
Written by Chris Williamson

Margaret Beckett’s report into the reasons why Labour lost the 2015 general election restated what most of us already knew, but some of the party’s noisy malcontents remain dissatisfied.