Past lessons not learnt in France

Published: November 21, 2015
Written by Chris Myant

A national state of emergency in which one can travel from one end of France to the other by TGV without any one ever checking, indeed even looking at our …

Labour moving on Syria

Published: November 21, 2015
Written by Ian Hernon

The scale and horror of the Paris massacres has resulted in a “sea change” in Labour attitudes to tackling terrorism up to an including UK involvement in bombing targets in …

Paul Routledge

Published: November 8, 2015
Written by Paul Routledge

Postcard from Skopje: Eastern European slice of life is a far cry from nirvana

John Streets Diary November 6

Published: November 6, 2015
Written by John Street

Boris Johnson, virtually invisible in Westminster since he came back as an MP, has been trawling the House of Commons bars and tearooms since the tax credits knock-back inflicted on …