Undercurrents – Joy Johnson

Published: June 12, 2016
Written by Joy Johnson

As soon as the EU Out campaign was dubbed Brexit, you could hear ­broadcast journalists salivating with unadulterated pleasure.

Documentary springs eternal

Published: June 10, 2016
Written by Neil Young

In the first of a series of dispatches from the film festival and cinema scene of North America, Neil Young reports from Palm Springs

John Street’s Diary June 10

Published: June 10, 2016
Written by John Street

Tom Bower conceded at the Hay literary festival that his hatchet job on Tony Blair’s premiership plundered the published diaries of Number 10 media supremo Alastair Campbell.

Letter from America – Ian Williams

Published: June 10, 2016
Written by Ian Williams

Those who advocated primary-style elections in the British Labour Party should learn their lessons from the shambles of the presidential process in the United States.

News in Brief

Published: June 10, 2016
Written by Ian Hernon

Tony Blair warned that it would be a “very dangerous experiment” for the UK to give Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn power.

As I Please – Kevin Maguire

Published: May 29, 2016
Written by Kevin Maguire

The referendum on Britain remaining part of or leaving the European Union is proving bad news for customers and staff of Asda and B&Q.

Party risks irrelevancy, warns Cruddas

Published: May 29, 2016
Written by Ian Hernon

Laboury risks becoming “irrelevant to the majority of working people” because it fails to represent their concerns about immigration, Europe, crime and welfare.

Cat about the House – Cat Smith

Published: May 29, 2016
Written by Cat Smith

The State Opening of Parliament and the Queen’s Speech was a spectacle, as ever. There’s the tradition, and then there are those who try and sabotage tradition.

Out and About – Cary Gee

Published: May 28, 2016
Written by Cary Gee

Between Boris Johnson’s apocalyptic invocation of the Fuhrer, and the worthless, bitter moaning of Nigel Farage and the affluent from Broadstairs and Basingstoke, it’s easy to forget that those who …