Fare spend is soaring

Published: January 23, 2015
Written by Ian Hernon

Commuters on the UK’s privatised railways are spending more than twice as much of their salary on rail travel as passengers on publicly-owned railways in France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

Tribune on 22Jan15

Published: January 22, 2015
Written by Andrew Rosthorn

National Minimum Wage Scams The TUC calls for ‘constant vigilance’ in their report Enforcing the National Minimum Wage – Keeping Up the Pressure. A wide range of employers’ scams includes: …

John Street’s Diary January 9

Published: January 9, 2015
Written by John Street

UKIP appears to have been “swamped” by crazies, particularly in Kent where Nigel Farage hopes to win a parliamentary seat for himself in Ma

News in Brief

Published: January 9, 2015
Written by Ian Hernon

Hospital specialists slammed coalition plans to reduce funding for specialised operations and treatments NHS trusts provide, including some cancer care.

Cary Gee

Published: January 9, 2015
Written by Cary Gee

Hold nerve, trust members – everything to play for

Res till London, för Guds skull!

Published: December 25, 2014
Written by Andrew Rosthorn

‘Go to London, for God’s sake’, urged Av Mats Larsson at Sweden’s liberal evening tabloid, after Julian Assange’s Swedish prosecutor had been invited by the British government to question the …