Off the hook?

Published: April 30, 2016
Written by Vincent Moss

Government ruses to avoid srcutiny are working, warns Vincent Moss

Payback for making the poorest pay

Published: April 29, 2016
Written by Jon Trickett

Jon Trickett says local election day is an opportunity for Labour to send a message on behalf of all those belittled and betrayed by a vicious and incompetent Conservative Government

News in Brief

Published: April 29, 2016
Written by Chris McLaughlin

American President Barack Obama intervened in the UK referendum on European Union membership with a hint at punitive action if Brexit wins the day, saying that Britain would have to …

Undercurrents – Joy Johnson

Published: April 16, 2016
Written by Joy Johnson

There is a global power elite whose members owe no loyalty to nation states. They owe no loyalty to our health service, our education system, or even our industrial heartlands.

Agenda Setting – Chris Williamson

Published: April 15, 2016
Written by Chris Williamson

Jeremy Corbyn’s decision to accept Billy Bragg’s invitation to address this year’s attendees at the Glastonbury Festival is significant. Can you imagine David Cameron appearing at Glastonbury?

News in Brief

Published: April 15, 2016
Written by Ian Hernon

Jeremy Corbyn said that May’s English council elections will mark a “turning point” in Labour’s fortunes.

As I Please – Kevin Maguire

Published: April 2, 2016
Written by Kevin Maguire

Even a Chancellor of the Exchequer as innumerate as George Osborne, economics never his strong point, as many are able and willing to testify, should be able to tell the …

In Perspective – Catherine Macleod

Published: March 7, 2016
Written by Catherine Macleod

It all started with a phone call. Two ­socially responsible, empathetic young men, driven by an overwhelming desire to make a difference, have launched a crusade to help people living …

Prescriptions – Jill Palmer

Published: March 6, 2016
Written by Jill Palmer

Family doctors are reaching breaking point as they struggle to cope with the growing demands of an ageing-­population, falling resources and ever increasing staff shortages.

Still more fat cats fund Tories

Published: March 6, 2016
Written by Ian Hernon

Official figures confirmed that more than 40 per cent of donations to the Tory election funding chest continue to come from financial fat cats who pay for the privilege of …