Austerity plan would expand under the Tories

Published: February 7, 2015
Written by Ian Hernon

A new analysis by the Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES) reported that a growing funding crisis in local government is threatening the future of English local public services.

Coalition changes for the worse

Published: February 7, 2015
Written by Ian Hernon

The Institute for Fiscal Studies reported that coalition changes to taxes and benefits have cost the average British household £1,127 a year.

Lisa Nandy

Published: January 25, 2015
Written by Lisa Nandy

Broken promises, lost voters, Clegg’s duplicity

John Street’s Diary January 23

Published: January 23, 2015
Written by John Street

The coalition has quietly rushed through legislation to reduce potential costs to employers following the recent court decision on holiday pay. Before Christmas, the Employment Appeal Tribunal ruled that holiday …

Tribune on 22Jan15

Published: January 22, 2015
Written by Andrew Rosthorn

National Minimum Wage Scams The TUC calls for ‘constant vigilance’ in their report Enforcing the National Minimum Wage – Keeping Up the Pressure. A wide range of employers’ scams includes: …

Maria Fyfe

Published: January 9, 2015
Written by Maria Fyfe

Labour still awaits a post-referendum bounce

Obituaries January 9

Published: January 9, 2015
Written by Ian Hernon and James Douglas

Pioneer television interviewer, war hero and magazine editor John Freeman played a pivotal role in one of the defining moments of post-war Labour politics